turbineGlockner Oil understands that the energy sector has some of the most complex and hardest working equipment in the industry. Downtime is not acceptable. We carry only the highest quality products to protect your equipment from downtime and failure.

Wind, solar, water, natural and bio-gas Industries are just a few markets we specialize in. We have the lubricants to meet your equipment needs.

Glockner Oil carries one of the best Trubine Oils in the  market place, with an Oxidation Stability of 35,ooo hrs+ (TOST,ASTM D943-04a) and a ISO Cleanliness Code rating of 18/16/13.*

Glockner Oil is proud to distribute the following brands for the Power Generation Industry:

  • energy-logos2Chevron
  • Phillips 66
  • Shell
  • Brad Penn
  • Mobil

*only applies to bulk products

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