SONY DSCAviation
Glockner Oil has a full line of aviation oils, including Aeroshell and Phillips 66. We also carry smoke oil for aviation shows. Available in bulk, drums and cases.

Railroad Oils
From engine oil to grease, we carry a full line of railroad oils. Our brands include Chevron, Brad Penn and Phillips 66.

Natural Gas Engine Oils
Glockner Oils Natural Gas Engine Oils cover multiple vehicular engine applications such as transit buses, school buses or delivery trucks equipped with slider-follower CNG or LNG engines. Our natural gas engine oils cover 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines fueled by natural gas or LPG, which are typically found on crude oil and gas pipelines, electrical power generators, gas compressors, irrigation water pumps, well drilling rigs and gas engines burning landfill gas.

Special Heat Transfer Oils
Glockner carries Dowfrost and Dowtherm for your special heat transfer needs.

Flame Resistant Hydraulic Oils
Our flame resistant hydraulic oil products include Fyrquel as well as methanol, ethanol and mineral spirits.


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