We service every automotive repair industry from dealerships to quick lube service stations. Glockner Oil provides a wide range of top quality brands that will fit your needs including Service Pro, Kendall, Havoline, PennGrade and PennGrade1. We carry top quality products that will keep your clients’ cars running efficiently and safely.


Glockner Oil is a provider of Honda, Acura, Goodyear, TCI (Tire Centers Incorporated) and Havoline® xpress lube® operators on a national account level.



  • Motor Oils: Straight 30, 40; 0W20 , 5W20, 5W30, 5W30 Dexos, 5W40 Euro, 10W30, 20W50
  • Gear Lubricants:  80W90 GL5, Straight 90, Synthetic 75W90
  • Transmission Fluids:  ATF, Multi-Vehicle ATF, ATF +4, DEX VI, Mercon V, Global Synthetic Transmission Fluid, CVT
  • Grease:   Wheel Bearing, Chassis, Water Resistant
  • Antifreeze:  Multi Vehicle Extended Life, Dexcool, Global
  • Break and Power Steering Fluid
  • Filters:  Oil, Air, Cabin, Breather, Fuel, Transmission
  • Washer Fluid:   Concentrate, Pre-mix
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Chemicals:  Tune-Up Kits- Fuel Injection, Transmission, Power Steering; Re-Charge Kits- Cooling System, Engine; Fuel Injection and Air Intake Cleaner Kit
  • Belts, Hose Clamps, Bulbs
  • Car Wash and Detailing


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