Running a commercial fleet has never been easier with Glockner Oil’s commercial products and services. We offer the best products, equipment and service in the industry, which means longer lasting equipment, reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Our experienced account managers will personally assist you with commercial services including fleet oil analysis, lubrication management, product recommendations, used oil and filter pickup as well as advising to help extend drain intervals, increase fuel mileage, reduce downtime and increase performance and profitability.


  • Engine Oils:  15W40, 10W30, 5W40 Synthetic, 0W30 Synthetic; Natural Gas, Low Ash, Ashless
  • DEF
  • Gear Lubricants:  80W90, 85W140 Mineral, 75W90 & 80W140 Synthetic Extended Life
  • Transmission Oils:  Manual Transmission 50, 50W Mineral Oil, 50W Synthetic Extended Service; Automatic Transmission, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Extended Service Allison Approved
  • Grease:  Hi Temp, Multi Purpose, Moly, Automatic Lube System Grease
  • Antifreeze:  Extended Life, Pre-Charged
  • Hydraulic:  AW, Zinc Free, Synthetic
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Filters
  • Dispensing Equipment


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