“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Glockner Oil Company for the services that they are providing to my company V.A.T., Inc.. The sales person Connie Geary has a vast amount of knowledge on the products that your company carries. I would also like to say that your company is very responsive to the needs of my company and you always respond in a timely manner to my every need. Thank you and we look forward to a long working relationship.”

– Brian Hamlin, Shop Supervisor, V.A.T., Inc.


“After using low cost hydraulic fluid with poor results, we made the decision to use a premium hydraulic oil-Chevron Rando AW 32. The results have been amazing; almost eliminated the replacement of hydraulic oil pumps. In addition to the pump replacement issue, the life of the oil in the systems has increase from months into years. Using the Chevron Rando has saved us a lot of money in the past few years.”

– Greg Graf, Owner, Graf Brothers Flooring


“I opened my repair shop on January 2014 with no experience on how to run it, but someone recommended Glockner Oil as a supplier for my lubricants. I called and Mrs. Connie Geary came to my shop and helped me assess my shops needs. We currently receive Motor Oil, DEF, Oil Eater, Windshield Fluid and Rags from Glockner Oil. I was invited by Connie to a DEF Seminar that Glockner Oil held that was very informative. Connie is always available when I need something. The drivers are always on time and help us stock what we need. Glockner Oil is a great company with great product, great employees and great service. Thank You Connie and Glockner Oil for all of your help.”

– Augusto Leal, Owner, Green Star Truck Repair, Inc.


“We have worked with John for years, he has always provided fast service an helped us out whenever we need him. We are very pleased with the products and services that Glockner provides to us. Our deliveries are always quick and the drivers are very friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to many more years as a customer of Glockner.”

– Eric Walls, ELW Company


” We have been doing business with Glockner Oil for several years with John Cordell as our Account Manager. I just give him a call and tell him what I need and it is delivered next day without any problems. The bulk oil really helps our profitability on oil changes and being able to carry several types of oil in the E-Pak boxes has been a great convenience.”

– Vivian Brewer, Auto Plus ASC


“We had been dealing with the same vendor for almost 20 years and were very pleased with their service. My concerns were unfounded as Glockner has far exceeded our previous vendor in quality, efficient service. If we have any kind of unexpected needs they get it done.”

– Robbin Slaughter, Columbus City Schools


“When I call about what lubricants that I need to use or compare, I get an answer right away.”

– Roy Enyart, Columbus Equipment Company

“Glockner’s customer support and service is excellent.  Highly reliable, rapid response.  Their product and industry knowledge is top-notch.”

– Rob Sexton, Southern Aggregates Division

“Glockner supplied oils and grease in a timely and professional manner. Glockner has delivered supplies in emergencies to Orbis during after-hours situations. Value added vendor!”

– Ken Herzog, Orbis Corporation

“We have been doing business with Glockner Oil for the last five years and they have always taken care of us, especially in emergency situations!  That is the kind of company I want to do business with!  One that truly cares about their customers!”

– Connie S. Russell, AEP Waterford Plant

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