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For over 50 Years, Glockner Oil Company has proudly served Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, PA, and West Virginia in lubrication and fueling distribution services.

Glockner Oil is your home for premium products and unmatched customer service.

Glockner Oil has a history of trust and an expectation of excellence.

Lubricant and Fuel Distributor with a History of Trust.

Glockner Oil is headquartered in Portsmouth, Ohio and has local branches in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. For over 50 years, Glockner has been the leader in lubricant sales, service, distribution, and equipment and services.

A history of growth, dedication, and service.

We measure our success by the strength of our relationships, with our clients and our providers.

Personal, connected, and dedicated customer service.

At Glockner, we still believe that people matter, connections build trust, and service counts.

We go the extra mile for you.

Our team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make sure you get the products and services that you need and when you need them.

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It's Easier with Glockner.


Personal Service

We haven’t lost the personal touch. We believe that relationships matter as much as trusted service.


Premium Products

We carry the most trusted and tested brands in the business.


Honesty & Trust

With Glockner, you have a personal account representative that takes care of what you need before you know that you need it.

Our Trusted Services

We install and maintain what we sell, onsite.


• Motor Oils
• ATF, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oils,
Tractor Fluids
• Grease & Industrial Lubes
• Metal Working Fluids
• Turbine Oils
• Specialty Lubricants
• Racing Oils
• Industrial Chemicals
• Industrial Coolants
• Chemicals, Blades, Bulbs
• Antifreeze Full, Antifreeze 50/50,
All Types
• Solvents, Methanol
• Mineral Spirits, Washer Fluid
• Filters – Automotive & HD
• Oil Dry, Booms, Pads, Absorbents
• Hand Towels, Gloves, Hand Cleaners
• Hose Clamps, Belts
• Refrigerants

Capital Goods

• Regular Parts Washers
• System One Parts Washers
• Repair Parts
• Lifts, Jacks
• ATF Flush Machines
• Radiator Flush Machines
• Refrigerant Exchange Machines
• P.S. Flush Machines
• Paint Gun Cleaning Machines
• Lube and Fuel Dispensing Equipment
• Wheel Alignment Equipment


• Diesel – On and Off Road
• Gasoline – 87, 89, 93
• Kerosene – Clear & Dyed
• Heating Oil
• Racing Fuels
• Alternative Fuels
• Diesel Fuel Treated Year Round


• Oil Analysis & Sampling
• PM programs
• “Green” Efficiency Programs,
• Used Oil Pick Up
• Used Antifreeze Pick Up
• Used Filter Pick Up
• Oily Water Pick Up
• Oil Dry Pads Pick Up
• Solvent Pick Up
• EPA Approved –
Life Time Manifesting
• We Kecycle
Everything Possible
• We Can Make Your
Company “Green”
• Used Oil Sales
EPA Approved
• Manifesting & Retention
• Plant & Business Surveys
• Bulk-Grease, Lubes, Industrial Fluids, Methanol
• Water Purification a n d l e s t i n g
• Asphalt Plant Flush and Truck Release Products Program


• Maintenance Facility
• Heavy Duty Truck and Equipment Maintenance Center
• Preventive Maintenance Program
• Complete Spring and Suspension Work
• Custom U-bolt Bending
• Complete Dump Truck, Box Van, and Flatbed Truck
Mechanical and Body Repair
• Steel and Aluminum Welding and Fabrication Service
• Wheel Alignment Service for Trucks and Trailers
• Spring and Suspension Parts Sales


• Used Oil Pick Up
• Used Antifreeze Pick Up
• Used Filter Pick Up
• Oily Water Pick Up
• Oil Dry Pads Pick Up
• Solvent Pick Up
• EPA Approved –
Life Time Manifesting
• We Kecycle
Everything Possible
• We Can Make Your
Company “Green”
• Used Oil Sales

Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling Center:

• E85
• Bio Diesel, Premium Diesel
Please Visit Our
• Regular 87 Octane Gasoline


Lubrication Equipment Sales and Service

Glockner Dual Trucks


Glockner Dual Trucks

Plant Lube Survey


Columbus and Cincinnati Bulk Oil Delivery and Pickup


Total Fluid Management for Oil, Fuel, and Lubricants


Fuel Supply & Delivery

Our Trusted Brands

Service Pro Products & Service Pro Oil

Glockner Oil is proud to offer Service Pro’s premium automotive products.

D-A Lubricant Company®

Setting the standard for optimal function and operation, D-A Lubricant Company is leading the transformation and creation of the future of lubricants performance and protection.

Power Service Diesel Additives

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oil

PennGrade 1 High Performance Oil are specifically designed for Racing, Classic, Historic, Vintage, Hot Rod and Muscle Car Engines

Kendall Premium Lubricants

Kendal Motor Oil has been delivering the good stuff for over 140 years.

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 are the premium lubricants helping to keep the world running smoothly.

Ohio's leading choice for lubricants, fuel, DEF, and services.

Glockner is a leading distributor for the industry best lubricants, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and industrial reliability services.

The Glockner Promise

“Without excuse or apology, we will be the benchmark that others aspire to match. We achieve our goals by exceeding the expectations of those we serve.”

What Our Clients Say

Connie S. Russell AEP Waterford Plant

“We have been doing business with Glockner Oil for the last five years and they have always taken care of us, especially in emergency situations! That is the kind of company I want to do business with! One that truly cares about their customers!”

Rob Sexton Southern Aggregates Division

Glockner’s customer support and service is excellent. Highly reliable, rapid response. Their product and industry knowledge is top-notch.

Our recent news

Filter Out the Bad with Service Pro

Filter Out the Bad with Service Pro

The Service Pro OEM Series Premium Spin-on Filter is designed to exceed specifications by the USCAR.