When Should I Change My Windshield Wiper Blades?

From the team at Glockner Oil Company

Windshield wiper blades play a crucial part in vehicle safety, but unless you live in a rainy climate, they’re also easy to overlook. If you don’t use them regularly you might not know they need to be replaced – until you really, really need them. Manufacturers typically recommend changing them every six months to once a year, but your own driving conditions might call for more frequent replacement. There’s no hard-and-fast rule about when to change your wiper blades, but you can use a few criteria to decide when it’s time.

When they visibly don’t work well.

For many drivers, the simplest answer is to replace the blades when they no longer work as they should. Your wipers might leave patches or streaks on your windshield, stutter their way across the glass, or clean one side of the windshield but not the other. Problems like these are a sign you should change your blades before your visibility gets any worse. This isn’t necessarily the best strategy, because there’s a chance your blades will reach an unsafe point before you notice they’ve deteriorated.

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